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Global Warming

             How many of us hear about the doomsday scenario? Mankind is responsible for the increased release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The ozone layer is being eaten away, allowing more hot, radioactive rays to strike the earth. The carbon dioxide forms an insulating layer which prevents additional heat from radiating into the space. As a result global temperatures will rise, ice-caps melt, and coasts flooded. Will the above scenario take place? Not really. The evidence supporting global warming is weak at best. The projection of future climate changes is very uncertain which shows that the theory of global warming is not scientifically a sound concept.
             There has been no observable evidence as yet that global warming is taking place. Most of the scientists have agreed that the temperatures have not risen. According to 1922 Gall up poll of members of the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorologist society (the professional societies whose members are most likely involved in climate research), thirty three percent said that insufficient information existed to tell, and forty nine percent believed no global warming had taken place (Jones 7). Over the years scientific studies have performed poorly. To gain an idea of how reliable the models used by the scientists are, consider how poorly they predict climate changes we have already experienced. Tamara L. Roleff, writer of Global Warming; Aposing Viewpoints, states that over the last hundred years, green house gases in the atmosphere increased by the equivalent of a fifty percent rise in carbon dioxide. Given the increase, the models used by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changes (IPCC) would predict a warming of .
             about two degrees over the same hundred year period. But as seen, the temperature has increased by only half of that amount. This means that the models have already exaggerated the green house effect by a factor of two (Roleff 27).

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