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Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans

            According to Richard Rodriguez, who wrote "Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans", assimilation occurs when people (immigrants) acquire the culture of a group (Americans), becoming more like that group. Rodriguez states, "I am in favor of assimilation. I am not in favor of assimilation. I recognize assimilation" (91). Being neither for nor against assimilation, Rodriguez merely accepts that it exists. Rodriguez believes that assimilation inevitably happens. However the word "assimilation" is viewed in different ways; Americans have a conflicted and confused perspective of assimilation.
             Americans have often resisted assimilation, especially if it meant race mixing or cultural blending. In the past, Americans would differentiate people by two races: black and white. For instance, Gallup organized a survey in 1997 about race relations. The poll's content covered only the black and white race. Rodriguez grew up with hearing "black-and-white conversation" for a majority of his life; Americans did not speak of other races. Americans accepted the immigrants as they are, along with their culture, and Americans speak easily about 'diversity'. However if their American culture were to possibly integrate with another culture, they would oppose it along with all interracial relations. What threatened Americans the most were subjects in regards to being interracial; they want to remain diverse. .
             However, in spite of this resistance to assimilation, Rodriguez believes that Americans actually prefer a Canadian notion of multiculturalism. The Canadian model acknowledges other ethnicities and cultures but supports diversity. According to Rodriguez, "[Americans] readily adopted the Canadian [model] because it preserves our preference for thinking ourselves separate" (89). Americans want to stay the way they are, they want to remain pure. .
             The Canadian model for assimilation differentiates ethnic groups.

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