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            The name Ralph Lauren conjures images of not only a Polo Player, .
             Ralph Lauren established the Polo label beginning with ties in 1967. Never attending Design school, Ralph never imagined Polo would have such on impact on the world. His ties soon became a men's wear status symbol. He made wide, handmade ties composed of unusual fabrics. Now interested in promoting a lifestyle with his ties, Ralph Lauren named his line after a sport that he feels "embodies a world of discreet elegance and classic style": Polo. After hitting it off with his fashionable ties, Ralph established Polo as a leading men's wear company. He became the first to integrate classic American style with refined European tailoring and fashion. The following year Polo opened a shop with in a shop in Bloomingdale's. .
             In 1970 ralph Lauren introduced a women's line. He reinvented a line of men's tailored shirts for women. The women's line introduced the Polo Player emblem. This design was originally on the cuff of women's tailored shirts. In 1974 Paramount studios asked Ralph to design the men's costumes for the movie The Great Gatsby. The following year Ralph Lauren won the American Fashion Award. .
             In 1983 the Ralph home collection debuted. Ralph Lauren was the first fashion designer to launch an entire home collection. Ralph Lauren founded the Nina hyde Center for breast Cancer research at Georgetown university with Katharine graham of the Washington post in 1989. He named the center after his friend Nina, a fashion editor who died of breast cancer.

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