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The Pit Bull Controversy

            Four years ago, Andrew was working at 42nd and Cambridge streets in Philadelphia. For about a week, he would bring extra lunch and dog treats with him to feed a pit bull puppy he found chained to a pole in someone's backyard. She was very shy and scared of any human contact. Every day, Andrew would leave her food and fresh water in a bowl, so she could enjoy a nice meal. He would lie in bed at night and wonder who could leave a puppy like that. He worried if she was chained up all night hungry and cold with no place to sleep. That's when he made a decision to rescue her. Andrew rescued an American pit bull terrier. The American pit bull terrier has been the subject of canine controversy for a long time. The history of the pit bull and their current popularity has caused a lot of people to have very different opinions towards the banning of pit bulls. The thought of banning an entire breed is a complete joke.
             The American pit bull terrier is just one breed of canine. Cesar Milan from the website Cesarsway says one origin of the pit bull dates way back to the Greek and Roman times. Back then they did not look like the pit bulls of today but more like a mastiff type of canine. These mastiff type dogs spread all over the country once the Romans defeated the Britons in war. They were mainly used as guard dogs and shepherds on farms. In times of war, the mastiffs would travel alongside their owners and fight right beside them. After breeding with other local canines, the beginnings of the pit bull were born. Milan also mentions a second theory that places the origin of the pit bull to old England. Butchers of the time called these dogs "bullenbeissers" which loosely translates to bull biter. These dogs were needed to help restrain the bull, so the butchers could knock the bull over the head to kill it for its meat. They would bite and hold onto the bull's nose with all their strength and might.

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