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The Dangers of Pitbull Ownership

            Imagine walking down a sidewalk when suddenly there is a giant, snarling, bear-like pit bull in front of you. What would you be thinking about right at that moment? Lately, there has been a large controversy surrounding the ownership of pit bulls. A majority of people do not support the idea that pit bull ownership should be illegal. They believe they can be very friendly and fabulous pets. However, pit bulls have had a long history of killings and the injuring of elderly and children. Therefore, pit bull ownership should be illegal because they can cause great harm and can even kill people.
             To begin, pit bull ownership should be illegal because they can cause great harm. In fact, in the article, " The Problem with Pit Bulls" by Charlotte Alter, from Time Magazine, the author discusses this point. For instance, "Pit bulls make only six percent of the dog population but are responsible for sixty-eight percent of dog attacks and fifty-two percent of dogs related fatalities since 1982." (Alter 1). This excerpt explains that although pit bulls only make up a small portion of the dog population, they cause the cause the greatest harm. This is very important to know because it may help to protect children and elderly who cannot protect themselves. In addition, the article states that three pit bulls ".broke down the door of Victoria Wilcher's grandfather's house and mauled the four year old's face until half of her face was paralyzed and lost the use of her right eye" (Alter 1). This excerpt explains that even when you are in the safety of your home, you are unsafe. It also reveals that pit bulls have the potential to cause a great amount of damage and harm, especially to children. The ownership of pit bulls can have a great impact on society as well as families of victims and many victimized children. This selection of the text shows that this particular breed of dog is very vicious and dangerous due to its nature of unpredictability.

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