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Character Analysis - Cathedral by Raymond Carver

            Prejudice is a concern that is within areas around the world as a result of diversity in religion, sexual nature, race lifestyles and physical disabilities as well. In the story "Cathedral," author Raymond Carver uses character analysis to show that occasionally it requires a life changing moment for one to realize that he or she should not discriminate against others just because of their appearance or beliefs. At first the narrator, or "Bub" as Robert nicknamed him, does not like the idea of Robert staying there because he is blind. Once Robert arrives, "Bub" does not really make an effort to get along with him; they had dinner together and watched television, but still did not have much of a conversation. Towards the end of the story, both Robert and "Bub", cooperate to sketch a cathedral, which turned out to be something more meaningful to the narrator. .
             As the story starts, the character of the spouse has an antagonistic identity. He needs sympathy, is biased, and is envious of his wife's kinship with a visually impaired man named Robert. He always whines, "A visually impaired man in my home was not something he looked forward to" (Page84). The nearby outside companionship between the storyteller's wife and Robert incites his insecurities. This kinship has gone on for a long time and amid those years; they have traded things in regards to encounters they have experienced. On account of this, her spouse feels she has let him know everything or it so it appeared about their relationship. Upon the arrival of his wife's friend the husband states, "But he didn't use a cane and he didn't wear dark glasses. I'd always thought dark glasses were a must for the blind"(Page89). The husband is fundamentally uncomfortable around Robert because he doesn't understand how to communicate with or behave around him. His discomfort is exposed when Robert and his wife were discussing their experiences in regards to the significant things they had come to pass for them in the past ten years.

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