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            During an 11 week period, my classmates and I were encouraged to read literature by different authors, some of it written a long time ago. I was very excited because these reading exercises allowed me to discover different famous authors as well as their writing style and how their life and thoughts contributed to their writing work. I read such a good material during this period that made me enjoy pieces such as poetry and prose which I haven't experimented before. Perhaps one of my favorite stories through this short process was Raymond Carver's story "Cathedral", so I decided to make my literature analysis about him and his story.
             Raymond Carver was born in Clatskanie, Oregon, in 1938. His first collection of stories, Will You Please Quiet, Please? (a National Book Award nominee in 1977), was followed by What We Talk When Talk About Love, Cathedral (nominated for the Pulitzer Price in 1984), and Where I"m Calling From in 1988, when he was introduced into the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He died in August of that year. .
             "Cathedral" was basically about the in conformism of the narrator about the visit of one of his wife's good friend, a blind man that would expend with them a few days after the dead of his wife. The story was all about this man's experience before and during the blind man visit, perhaps the most interesting part of the story was how well elaborated and full of details it was. I could almost feel all this man fears and emotions related with the presence of a blind person on his own house. It truly impacted me because sometimes we are not familiar with any kind of illness or physical effects and we simply don't know how to react to these events. At the end of the story, Carver left us a great lesson in where the narrator moving out if himself so he was able to visualize what the blind was feeling.
             Through Carver's Biography and whole set of research I was able to identify many factors that showed me the author's experiences through his life.

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