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Cathedral by Raymond Carver

            The event in my life that is very significant to me and to who I am today is me signing the oath of enlistment to join the United States Air Force on January 3rd, 2013. This was the day where I would have to put everything back home behind me for a couple months to work with a group of guys I had never met before. Not just any group of guys though, a group I would soon call my brothers who I'd share laughs, stories, arguments and beliefs with. As you can imagine, being from the most "redneck" or "hillbilly" part of New York, I had a very hard set image and belief on how things are and how they should be. I was just brought up a specific way, to see things for how they are and not think twice of it. I was taught to say "Yes sir" and "No sir" to everyone I met. I was taught how to work hard and not stop working until the job was done. Everyone on this earth is brought up a different way with different views and beliefs, especially in the military. But this is what makes the United States military so strong and unique. We take people from other countries, backgrounds, beliefs, and religions and combine them all together to make an unstoppable force. When comparing the short story "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver to my life experience of joining the military, there are similarities and differences shown in symbolism, conflict and setting. .
             This was a time in my life where I would have to grow into a better person. I would have to look past just what I see, but also understand what it is I see and am around. Than once I understood it, I'd have to accept it, work with it, live with it. This is why I chose the short story "Catherdral" by Raymond Carver. One of the biggest parts of life is growing into the person you are and learning. This is represented by a man-versus-self conflict. In this short story, the man-versus-self conflict is seen on the husband.

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