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Cathedral (Raymond Carver)

             "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver, is one of the best short stories I have ever read. I chosed this story, because I didn't have many other opportunities. I really didn't know where to look for short stories of American writers in the 20th century. So I went to the Internet, but I didn't find a good short story. So I looked in one of the literature books. And I knew that I wanted to read something by Carver or O"Connor, because I liked their short stories most. And I started reading the first paragraph of these two stories. When I read Cathedral, I thought that it could be a very interesting story. Because I deales with prejudice towards blind people. And I wanted to know what kind of prejudice and how do people go along with it if they have prejudice and they see that their prejudice was right or wrong. I like that because I am in that kind of position right now, too. I have to deal with prejudice in my daily life, too. So that's one of the reasons I chosed that story.
             As I said, this story has to do with a blind man named Robert. The whole story is told by a man, whose name we don't know. He tells that the blind man is coming to visit him and his wife after ten years. His wife worked for him one summer ten years ago, but they stayed in contact by sending each other tapes. The narrator thinks that he is like a best friend to her. And he is scared about his coming. He is coming because his wife Beulah died. She worked for him to, but they fell in love and got married. So in the end the blind man came, and the narrator didn't know what to say how to act. And after a while he started to watch TV. His wife wasn't happy about that, because she thought it is inappropriate. But the blind man said that he had two TV s, too. So they watched TV. Till the narrators wife, whose name we don't know eiter, changed close. Then the narrator and the blind man started smoking some dope. And when the wife came down smoked with them.

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