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             In the short story "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver, it opens to an irritated narrator .
             whose not looking forward to having a blind man in his house. The narrator shows some .
             type of prejudice with anger and anxiety , kind of exaggerating the situation of the blind .
             man coming over to his home. Gradually as the evening wears on, the narrator starts to .
             relax with the blind man and they began drinking, smoking cigarettes and drugs. As the .
             narrator watches TV there is a documentary about a cathedral, and the blind man cant .
             see it of course so the narrator grabs his hand and he directs the pen on a paper bag to .
             draw the cathedral. In this story the narrator learns about himself and also how a blind .
             man is not such an incompetent after all. I think the story being told from the narrators.
             point of view is really helpful because it showed his change of attitude from the .
             beginning of the story to the end. It showed how the narrator grew as a person, and his .
             change of thoughts towards blind people.
             I think that this story can relate a lot to what happens now in the 21 century. I see a .
             little bit of me in the narrator five years ago. I used to think that blind people where .
             people that needed help in everything, and could not do a single thing on their own. But I .
             met a guy who was blind that could do everything I do, and even more. I never knew a .
             blind man can play the guitar and the piano. This experience opened my eyes to what an .
             ignorant I was about this situation. I learned that anyone can do anything they want if .
             they just put their mind into it. .

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