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Need for Acheivement

             A tree is known for its fruit. The results or goals one sets in life are for one's fulfillment. To me achievement is the most important thing in my life for it touches the innermost part of one's self, soul and spirit.
             Achievement-The desire to perform challenging tasks well, and to meet ones own high standards. In order to attain success in life one has to strife for it. It's only through hard work and determination that success can be achieved. Every one has a different idea of what achievement may mean to them. For example: the billionaire Ross Perot wanted to become President of the United States of America so he set forth a goal. He did not need the money but he wanted to achieve Power. The results may also at times not be attainable. Managing or being able to control one's life is another way someone would strife to achieve. When to leave one's house, when to go to work, take vacations and so forth. This in itself is a form of achievement. .
             My need for achievement lies in success and financial independence. To reach this goal I have set forth a plan. This plan involves setting my goal. Goal setting revolves around two concepts. The first concept being time frame; in which I will reach my goal and the second being; formulating a plan to which I have to stick to with discipline and motivation. .
             I want to reach these goals in ten years so I have to focus on implementing my plans without deviating from them. To reach these goals I have to stick to a routine to where I cannot be deterred from it. I have optimized my talents. Recognize my strength and weaknesses and try to improve on my weaknesses by educating myself in acquiring more knowledge through the media, books, computers and teachers. I have set reminders like pictures of children on my dresser in the hope of having some one-day and their not having to struggle through life like I did.

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