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Apple's Organizational Behavior

             is an international computer manufacturing company that is going through major changes in the organizational culture and its organizational structure because of several events in past few years. Apple is a firm that grew fast in a short period, requiring the management to develop organizational cultures to keep operations and finances under control. Apple Inc. Growth has forces the management to reassess and reform its organizational culture and organizational structure to maintain excellent services, high-quality products and avoid bankruptcy. Apple's organizational structure is one of change aim at driving to outperform and succeed as major objectives. The organizational structure of Apple has been altered to be more competitive in an acute stage in the company history. Apple has undergone through major restructuring in the effort of regaining control of its operations and finances to remain as a competitive firm on a global level. This paper seek to discuss Apple Inc. Organizational culture and structure. .
             Organizational culture at Apple is based on the ideal for self-motivation, where workers are required to work hard when they are not under supervision. The unique structure of Apple has enabled the company to grow and react more to changes more than its rival companies. The reason for the quick responsiveness is simple making it easier for the company to start a project because bureaucracy level has been minimized to reduce the number of people to obtain approval. The rapid growth at Apple is as a result of decisions were made at lowest level possibly. Corporate headquarters developed policies and oversaw activities, while local worker made day-to-day decision on the ground in the country the company operated all over the world. The top-down philosophy allows quick responsiveness and resolution to the situation without consultation from the head quarter for the purpose of corporate red tape.

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