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Summary of the Affordable Care Act

             The three authors of the present article have jointly dealt with the practice behaviors of small (solo/dual) family practice of physicians. As result of enforcement of Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010. They also carried out surveys (nationally representative data) which portrays the trend of solo/dual practices. According to the authors small private practices are facing severe competition from larger groups of physicians and hospitals. They have adverse effects from the managed health care system and are rather forced to join health care organizations in one way or the other. .
             Information about the authors:.
             The authors Doohee Lee, Kelly James Fiack, and Kenneth Michael Knapp are well known within the medical field. They come from various medical centers and have multiple research publications to their credit. .
             Key terms and concepts: .
             1. Affordable Care Act: This is the hallmark legislation (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) which was signed in March 2010. The general public is still not well informed about the specific provisions of the act in view of its rhetoric and complexity. Even the physicians and medical personnel are still learning about its implications on the respective field. .
             2. Primary Care Physician (PCP): The role of PCP in health care cannot be overemphasized. These doctors have to bear the brunt ass more and more individuals will get enrolled through the ACA. They are the first point of entry responsible for providing preventive care and upkeep that are crucial to improving the nation's health.
             3. Prospective Payment System (PPS): This system was adopted by federal government for making payments under Medicare to providers in 1960's whereby the reimbursement for specific procedures was limited. .
             Three Pertinent Quotations .
             "Physicians in larger, single-specialty practices get enhanced opportunities to offer more profitable and ancillary services than those in small medical practice setting (The center for studying health system change 2007)" (lee 297).

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