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Effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act

            Time after time people get hurt, injured and end up not knowing what to do because they have no insurance coverage. Insurance companies now always area allowed to stop the coverage before the treatment is complete, deny certain patient, and give only a specific amount of money to pay for the person's needs. For these reasons, there are some people who wish to have health insurance but sadly, they cannot afford it and therefore, they are uninsured. There are over forty million American who do not have insurance because it either does not cover their needs, it is too pricy, or they have a preexisting illness. This was all happening before president Obama designed The Affordable Care Act. Obama's main goal when designing this act is to reform the health care system completely so that even though people cannot afford insurance, they can still get coverage. Obama's Affordable Care Act saves lives. People will no longer be denied coverage due to an illness they had before; they will always have the treatment they need and pay affordable prices for getting treated. .
             Obama's goal when passing The Affordable Care Act in 2010 was to improve the health care efficiency in all the ways possible (Connors and Gostin, 2010). Now, when people become ill or get sick, they will have access to a treatment; they will be able to go see a doctor. People will no longer be worried about not having enough money to be able to get treated and most important of all, less people will become uninsured. March 23, 2010 was considered a historical event; this was the day president Obama signed what is considered to be the very first United comprehensive health care reform bill, also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Connors and Gostin, 2010, p. 2522). Connors and Gostain (2010) stated the following: "For almost a century, presidents have tried and failed to pass national health insurance ranging from President Franklin Roosevelt's exclusion of national insurance from the Social Security Act to the failure of President Nixon's and President Clinton's health care plans" (p.

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