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The Compromise of 1850

            The 1850's in American History were a time of turmoil because of the sectionalism between the North and the South due to the increasing problem of slavery in the territories. The Compromise of 1850 was supposed to be a way for both the North and the South to get what they wanted. The Compromise would split the country and no side would have what they wanted. The South wanted the 36∘ 30' line, which was originally stated in the Missouri Compromise, extended through the territories. The Northerners believed in the Wilmot Proviso, which would have abolished all slavery in the territories gained from the Mexican War. The Compromise was California was to become a free state but the rest of the territories gained would be open to popular sovereignty. The North wanted slavery abolished in Washington D.C., it gave foreign officials a bad representation of the country as a whole. The Compromise abolished just slave trade in Washington D.C. The Compromise also gave all disputed land to New Mexico instead of Texas. A new, strict federal fugitive slave law would be enacted and this would anger the North. The Compromise of 1850 would give no side what they wanted.
             Henry Clay wrote the Compromise of 1850 and was a strong believer in the fact that compromises were the only way to get both sides to be happy. Clay started out his speech by talking about how the United States of America rose from being a colony to being a successful nation. Clay mentions how George Washington was a great leader of the early America and General Winfield Scott was next in line for the Presidency like Washington was. Clay believes the Union would only dissolve if slavery continued to be a pressing matter in any form. If the Slavery issues caused a secession it would be nearly impossible for there to be a clean entrance back into one solid union because the North and South would still need to settle on an agreement for the territories.

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