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The Road of Autonomous Cars

            In science fiction movies, there are many technical props always attracting audience's attention, especially cars. Cars as one of the tools are common in films, and they not only run on the road, but fly in the sky. A scene shows that in the morning one leading actor gets into a car and pushes the start button, the care then automatically starts its engine. After the driver speaks a location to the car, the car moves forward to the destination without any input of the leading actor. During the drive, all cars are running without any human control or operation, but each single car is in good order on the road, and passengers can do as they please such as drinking coffee and watching news. When arriving at the location, the leading actor gets out of the car and it parks itself. This kind of car has intelligent computer controlled system that can operate itself and follow voice control from the driver.
             Along with the technical high speed development, the scene of intelligent vehicle may not be just imaginary but will be realistic in the near future. There are many more and more thrilling advancements in driverless car technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) each year. Actually, driverless car started in the 1960s scientists created the "Stanford Cart," meant as potential lunar rover; it was able to cross a room without help in five hours. So far the Google Driverless Cars, the most popular autonomous cars in the United States, have been tested by Google Inc. over 300,000 miles on the city streets, mountain roads, and busy highways in many different weather conditions. To the topic of autonomous cars, most of us believe that autonomous cars will bring us huge benefits. However, there is a question of whether it is a good idea to promote autonomous cars in our daily lives now. Whereas some argue that promoting autonomous car might cause problems such as the loss of millions of jobs, others maintain that autonomous cars can bring us benefits such as reducing car accidents and the congestion.

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