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Making Changes in What We Eat

            Food is one of most important thing in our life, and we can't live without it. There are many variety of different types of food, along with different cuisine infuse into each other. Even though food had become the main nutrient source to keep human a life, there are still concerns about the nutrition, price of the food, and education for children. In America, most busy people spend too much time to perform their job, and they don't really care about what they eat everyday, which might cause many other problems beside stomachache. It's important to know what to put into your body and what kind of nutrition. Moreover, you also have to spend some of your money and time to go to doctor or go to gym because you don't know how to eat in the right way. A lot of fast food such as: hamburgers, pizzas, hot dogs, corn dogs, French fries, etc., which seem to be really helpful when you don't have time to cook. Jamie Oliver said in his talk "Teach every child about food": "Fast food has taken over the whole country; we know that. The big brands are some of the most important powers, powerful powers, in this country". If you have basic knowledge about food, you could control your nutrition. Hence, you do not have to worry about diet-related disease. However, in the fast food industry, children do not know much about food and nutrition, so they can easily get a lot of diseases relating to nutrition. "Diet-related disease is the biggest killer in the United States, right now, here today. This is a global problem" said Jamie Oliver. All in all, to solve this problem you must learn how to cook, make a timetable, and make sure to follow it.
             If you want to have a good quality meal with organic or fresh food, you have to spend more money or have great fiancee's. Why? Because the product is totally fresh and organic, the food then will be healthy for your body without any side-affect from chemicals.

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