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My Family and the Newfoundland Cabin

            Within the world's great mysteries lies a certainty that us as a human species value unconditionally; this is love. A lot of people say that love is actually what makes us human. Sure there is a lot of uncertainties when searching for a loved one to marry, but the love that exists whether you like it or not is the one that exists within your family. As life experiences come and go, your family are the ones that are going to be there for you through the thick and the thin. And as valuable as this love is, life is long and complicated and conflicts will arise where you could find yourself hating your family members throughout life. I believe that the simple enjoyable things you do as a family is essential to the overall health of its stability. Living in Newfoundland is a privilege that is taken for granted by many, this place is blessed with many simple joys of life that I just spoke of. One intangible asset that I'm fortunate enough to experience with my family is the luxury of owning a cabin that is a located a small distance outside the city of St. John's. I have chosen to write about my cabin in this paper and everything associated with it. I am choosing this topic because of what it has done for my family over the years. It has kept us grounded and has created a rejuvenating love with every visit. Not only the material objects that the cabin posses, but also the psychological counseling that it has unconsciously been delivering to my family and I all these years. From helping build the cabin at a young age with my father, to the specific type of culture that you'll only find at cabins in Newfoundland, to the incomparable atmosphere that would never exist in a city; the cabin truly is an incredible get away that is still bringing my family closer and closer to this very day.
             When my dad initially bought land outside St. John's to build a cabin, little did I know he was giving birth to something that would end up being a lifelong special place to my family that still exists to this very day.

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