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Oedipus Rex A Tragedy

             The conception of a tragic hero that we gather from Aristotle's poetics is that he is highly esteemed and prosperous man who falls into misfortune because of some serious hamartia.its most frequent application is in the sense of false moral judgments or even purely intellectual errors.
             OEDIPUS is proud and over confident;he harbours unjustified suspicions against teiresias and creon;.
             in one place he goes so far as to express some uncertainity about the truth of oracles.
             OEDIPUS REX is not a detective story but a dramatized folk love.exceptional qualities of head and heart must be present in a tragic hero.With Greeks all the principal characters must be of heroic stature.
             OEDIPUS litrally means "swoolen feet"some critics say that play has started with climax.
             "Sophocle's tragedies are tragedies of fate as compared to shakespeare in which action determines tragedy".
             Although it's my fate but blindings hands are mine.
             Atleast the oracle which louis heard was conditional:"if he begota son that son was fated to kill him and marry his wife"Infact, louis was advised not to beget a son but he ignored this advice the oracle which oedipus hears is not conditional_he is not told of any action which he might take or omit,in order to escape the predicted parricide and incest.Louis sinfully disobeyed and his sin brought ruin to his descendants.It appears that Oedipus was no better than a puppet in the hands of fortune.This makes play a tragedy a destiny. .

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