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Presidential Positions of Germany and France

            The role of government leaders varies from country to country, there is similarities between them as well as differences. Democratic countries consist of either a Parliamentary, Semi-Presidential, or Presidential system of government. While many have the same positions, the power associated with those positions differs. Germany is a Parliamentary republic with a centralized national government located in the capital city of Berlin.1 France is a semi-presidential republic with a centralized national government in the capital of Paris.2 How the two Presidents are elected is a representation of how much power the country is allowing the office. Although both Germany and France include presidential positions within their government, the role in Germany is more ceremonial while the position in France plays a more significant role and has more power.
             Comparing the Presidential powers given to the position for each country demonstrates how the roles differ. Even though both Germany and France have Head of State positions, France's President plays a role that is more significant in the governance of the country, including the ability to propose a referendum. "The constitution made provision for legislative referenda, by which the president of the republic has the authority to submit a proposed bill to the people relating to the general organization of the state"3 Germany's President does not have this leeway as Head of State. The two Presidential positions are both responsible for promulgating laws, but only the President of Germany can refuse the law, whereas France's President can request for another reading of the law, but only once. .
             The country of Germany consists of 16 administrative divisions known as Länders. Its bicameral parliament has a democratic system consisting of the President, Cabinet, and Chancellor. The Federal President is the Head of State, largely ceremonial and represents Germany throughout the world.

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