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Teacher Definition

            A teacher: what comes to mind when you think about this word? Some think of a little pointy-headed professor sitting in front of a class bellowing out directions to all the students. Well, when I think of the word teacher I think of a caring and loving role model that put other people's needs in front of their own, in most cases those needs belong to small children.
             Now, you look at the last sentence you just read and you probably start second-guessing in some of the things I believe. Take the word caring for instance: teachers don"t care! If they did then they wouldn"t give so much homework or yell at you when you talk during "Quiet Time." If they cared so much, they wouldn"t have made that last test so hard because now you have to go tell your parents that you"re failing a class.
             But those things you just brought up only show how much they truly care about you. Everything they do shows that they care for you. The homework they give to you is only to help you become smarter in that specific subject: to give you the chance to go further in your life with your education. When they get angry and yell at you they are just trying to teach you discipline to help you succeed. Even those tough tests they give out are helping you. Helping you push yourself to learn as much as possible. It's amazing how much they show that they care; everything they do is for the students.
             Now that I have explained the word caring for you, I will move onto the word love. Now you might think that is gross. Your teacher is like 80 years old; you don"t want her loving you. You don"t have to worry; it isn"t that kind of love. It is the type of love that would cause a person to stay up until 2 O"clock on a Thursday night grading tests just so their students wouldn"t have to wait until Monday to find out what grade they received. This is also the love that causes a person to go to college for 5 or more years and spend the next 25 years paying it off.

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