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Definition paper- teacher

            A teacher is not only the person that teaches you everyday in class, but a friendly, kind and hardworking individual as well. There are many things that go on "behind the scenes" that many students never get the chance to witness, let alone give the time of day to even think about. There are lesson plans to formulate, homeworks to grade, quizzes to hand out, and tests to be copied. Every one of these things may be running through a teacher's head simultaneously, but students will never see this melee in action. The teacher must remain calm, collected, and ready to attend to the next inquisitive student.
             Teachers are the only people a student can rely on in a classroom. The ones with all the answers omnipotent, you could say. They are smart because of the years of schooling endured, courteous because no question is too hard for them to answer, kind because they tolerate students" attitudes (good and bad), and helpful because of their commitment to each and every child's improvement in grades. Teachers don't work for the money they make or the clothes they buy, but rather, they work for somebody else's development and well-being. How many other people can say they do that? This act of charity can only be achieved by the kindest, most loving humans who are willing to commit there lives to children's budding minds.
             Being a teacher is not only a job, it is a lifestyle. They are not only active in the classroom, for they are, at times, more active at home. With formulating lesson plans, quizzes, tests, homeworks, and then the grading of these things, teachers barely have any time for themselves. Even though bogged down with work at some points, they never give up and are always ready for more. This is the commitment one makes when choosing to become a teacher. They knowingly accept the fact that the lives of their.
             students are being decided on how much work he or she puts into the lesson plan, or how well he or she portrays and surrounds a subject in class.

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