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Carrying a Big Stick Abroad

            One will never know how much of an impact a person has had on society until they become familiar with their story. President Theodore Roosevelt has paved the way for a lot of countries with his contributions towards domestic and foreign affairs. In the article Big Stick Abroad, Roosevelt bullied smaller weaker countries, strengthened amity between the United States and Britain, and constructed the Canal across Central America in addition to many other things. He did what he believed was needed in order to make America a bigger and stronger Country. Theodore Roosevelt has come to be known as the first modern President of the United States and has left his mark on America. .
             Some may think of Roosevelt as a bully when it came to foreign affairs because he didn't play fair and seemed to always get his way. I believed that President Theodore Roosevelt bullied smaller, weaker countries mainly in Latin America, although when it came to larger countries he took caution to those with equal or greater powers than the United States especially when it came to Europe. As president, Roosevelt put the United States in the middle of Germany and Venezuela to block Germany from collecting a debt that Venezuela owed German Banks. He then did the same thing to Haiti for debts that were owed to Europe. In 1902 Roosevelt yet again conspired to gain Alaska's southeastern land from Canada, but in 1903 he agreed to have an international tribunal to settle the dispute. .
             For years Roosevelt believed that the United States and Britain didn't have any conflicts and that they shared a great mission of being the representatives of the "English-speaking race. Roosevelt was impartial to English speaking Countries. However it didn't stop Roosevelt from pushing around the British and the Canadians over the southern land that was purchased from Russia in1867 by America when new gold was discovered in Alaska. The president then began sending troop to the boarder to protect areas owned by the United States.

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