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Foreignize or Domesticate?

             Two most influential translation theories and their cultural correlations.
             1 Two general translation strategies: domesticating and foreignizing .
             1.2 Cultural factors in the two translation strategies.
             The image of an idiom and its cultural roots.
             2.1 The definition and scope of idioms.
             2.2 Analysis of the meanings of an idiom.
             2.3 Cultural differences reflected in English and Chinese idioms.
             2.3.1 Difference in living environment.
             2.3.2 Difference in custom.
             2.3.3 Difference in religion.
             2.3.4 Difference in literal quotation.
             Findings on idiom translation with cultural analysis.
             3.1 Examples.
             3.2 Analysis.
             3.3 Findings and implications.
             3.3.1 When to use literal translation.
             3.3.2 When to use literal translation plus sense and explanation.
             3.3.3 When to replace the SL image with a standard TL .
             or to convert the idiom to meaning.
             3.3.4 When to use Chinese couplets to replace English idioms .
             In recent years, there has been an increasing tendency in translation practice to regard translation as a kind of intercultural communication. Translation is no longer looked on as only transformation of language signals, but also of culture. Language is closely related to culture, for language is the carrier of cultural information, and language only has meanings with its cultural backgrounds. Since translation first involves meaning, and a word only has meanings when it is related to culture, translators are required to be cultural well-informed when doing translation.
             But how can translators manage to be well cultural well-informed to do a perfect job of translation? And what kind of influence does culture have on translation process? In this paper, I will look into these problems by focusing on the translation of English idioms into Chinese, which is always a typical and controversial topic among translators.
             Two most influential translation theories and their cultural correlations.
             1.1 Two general translation strategies: domesticating and foreignizing.

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