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Pythagoras and the World of Mathematics

            Mathematics is the universal language of the world that has been around for about 4,000 years and has been the most efficient way of making calculations and fundamental observations and measures about things, since the beginning of its creation. Basic arithmetic and geometry formed the basis of what the mathematical world had to offer at its very beginnings. The very first founders of mathematics with the most basic concepts and ideas were the Babylonians and the Egyptians. In the 6th century BCE, however, a man from Greece by the name of Pythagoras of Samos would change our view on the mathematical world we used to have, forever. The mathematical knowledge that existed before Pythagoras was extremely basic and would require tremendous amount of effort to undergo the tasks of building great and precise monuments that civilizations such as the Egyptians had. The Greeks saw the greatest revolution over the philosophy of many great ideas and concepts. One of the most important of these births of philosophical knowledge was when Pythagoras set out to seek mathematics as a philosophical branch of its own and with it creating the division of mathematics as a philosophical branch of knowledge. The magnificent impact that this would have on the world was tremendous and for this reason we can safely classify Pythagoras as one of the fathers of modern mathematical knowledge. Pythagoras of Samos was such a great Greek philosopher that he made impacts not only in the philosophy of mathematics through the Pythagorean Theorem but also in other subject areas such as: harmony of the spheres in music, transmigration, the idea of essentially being a number, and the school he founded where he would lead a group of students to make a change through the knowledge he provided. .
             Pythagoras of Samos was most likely born in the year 569 BCE in Samos, India. His parents were Mnesarchus, who was his father, and Pythais his mother.

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