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Immigration Laws in the United States

            Not everyone in the world wants to live in the country where they were born in for different reasons. Immigration is the process of entering and settling in a country or region to which one is not native(Dictionary by Farlex ). The current technological advancement has made moving from one country to another affordable and much easier than the early days. However, this does not mean that people can move around the world with no restriction. Every county has its own immigration laws. These laws determine who should be allowed to be a legal resident in the county and who should not. In most developing countries such as Eritrea and law are loose and people can enter the country and live there. On the other hand, in developed countries such as the United States where immigration laws are strictly enforced. The issue of immigration is important to me because I am also an immigrant from Ethiopia and some of my family members moved to the US without proper documentation. Therefore, they have had hard time finding a job and could not go to school until they get their green card which took them more than a year. Immigration laws in the United States have been changing many times as the government of the country is changed. There have been made several improvements in the laws of immigration. Of all these laws that have been used by the US government, there are some which are quite fair and reasonable whereas others are discriminating and biased. Immigrants move to another country because they do not feel safe, secured or comfortable where they lived before. Therefore, they should go through another worse experience trying to deal with strict rules and regulation posed against them by the US government. They should be treated equal as any resident in the country and should be able to get their citizenship. .
             Before judging the immigration laws in the US, it is important to know and examine the reasons for immigrants to move to the United States.

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