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Critics of the New Deal

            Franklin Delano Roosevelt assumed office in 1933 during a tumultuous time for the American economy. At his inaugural address, Roosevelt promised "direct, vigorous action" (Roark, 791) with regards to the failing economy and all of the perils that came with it for Americans. During the first few months of his time in office, known as "the Hundred Days," he fulfilled that promise by implementing a various government initiatives that initiated the New Deal (Roark, 791). His administration had three objectives: provide relief to the destitute, stimulate the economic recovery of both business and farms, and reforming the government an economy that would reduce the effects of future economic slumps (Roark, 791). These were ambitious goals and were to be addressed through the development of the New Deal. Though the New Deal saw support from the majority of the nation, criticism arose from both sides of the political spectrum. Republicans and business owners contended that the New Deal was too radical, undermining private property, economic stability, and democracy. From the left, it was argued that the New Deal was not radical enough and was too timid in its approach, failing to be effective (Roark, 800). .
             Criticism is a concept that plagued the New Deal from all sides, and the right side of the political spectrum contributed its fair share. Conservatives and business leaders saw the New Deal as an attack on private enterprise, which was the basis of their criticism Though New Deal programs rescued capitalism, business leaders still attacked Roosevelt despite seeing their economic prospects become more uplifted than the majority of Americans during the depression (Roark, 800). No statement better summarizes the critics of the right-wing than "Stalin Delano Roosevelt" (Roark, 800). Republicans and business leaders condemned New Deal efforts to standardize or reform their private enterprise, which goes against the American notion of a free economy and limited government intervention (Roark, 800).

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