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Making a Mason Jar Candle

            Many people are do it yourself craftsman. One do it yourself project that is very simple to create and adds ambience to a home is candle making. When making a candle there are a variety of containers to make the candle in. For this project the container of choice is a mason jar. Homemade candles make great gifts and can be customized to your own taste through color and scent. The first step in making a homemade candle is to gather all the necessary supplies. Supplies include a candle pouring pot, wicks, wick stickums, a wooden spoon, and a pint sized mason jar. Choice of scented oil and colored construction paper are also needed and help in the personalization process, along with choosing what colored soy wax flakes to buy. It is important to get soy wax because it is environmentally friendly, it doesn't generate black soot when burned which benefits the person who will be around this candle. Other things that aren't necessary but make nice add ons to the mason jar towards the end of this project are items such as ribbon or thick laced ribbon, if you choose to buy these extra supplies, you must also buy glue and a paint brush. These items can be purchased from many different places. One of the best places is a craft store. However online stores like Amazon, EBay, and online craft stores are also available to get these supplies.
             Now it is time to start creating the beautiful mason jar candle. The first step is to remove the inner seal part of the mason jar, we will not need this for the project. Next straighten out the wick with your fingers and put the stickum to the metal end of the wick, put this into the center of the inside bottom of the mason jar, Take the end of the spoon and rub it around the stickum to make sure it is stuck on the mason jar as best as possible. Now you want to try to get the wick in the perfect spot. Grab the wick holder, these are basically two wooden dowels with rubbers bands on each end that pinch the wick and hold it right in the center of the jar.

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