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The Deforestation of Planet Earth

            Planet Earth has already lost 80% of its forest cover due to deforestation (Deforestation Statistics). Deforestation is a problem all over the world. It affects many different animals, and even humans. Deforestation destroys habitats and affects climate change, accounting for one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions (Deforestation Problems). Deforestation clears forests on a very large scale. Many people are affected by this in many different ways. There are ways to help slow down and minimize deforestation, such as going green in homes. Deforestation is a problem that affects many people and needs to be resolved. Deforestation is the clearing of forests on a massive scale (Deforestation facts).
             The problem with deforestation, is that it is contributing to climate change. Forests play a crucial part in absorbing greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming (Deforestation facts). Animals are losing their homes to deforestation. An area of forest equal to 36 football fields is lost every minute (Deforestation Threats). Animals like the Giant panda and the Tiger are highly affected by deforestation (Deforestation Facts). About 50 to 100 species of animals are being lost each day due to destruction of habitat (Effects of Deforestation). This means that species are disappearing faster than they are being found. These are the impacts deforestation has on our earth.
             Deforestation affects people and animals in many different ways. Deforestation affects humans in which it affects the air we breath and our environment. Loss or decreasing of carbon cycle, water cycle, vegetation soil, soil erosion which causes damage to the quality of the land (Tropical Deforestation) are all factors that contribute to deforestation. Less Oxygen and more Carbon Dioxide leads to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect heats up the earth's atmosphere. Heat can cause holes in our ozone layer, that protects us from the suns harmful rays.

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