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Modern-Day Slavery

            Today, there are about twenty-seven million slaves around the world, more than ever before in history. A slave is defined as "a person who is forced to work for another against his/her will" (Slave" def. 2). All over the world, slaves are kidnapped and worked to death, abused and taken advantage of. There are many different types of slavery in different countries that undertake the process of breaking the law and capture others to be forced into slavery. Although modern day slavery can be hard to believe, people of all races, gender, and nationality are subject to being taken away from their homes to work in inhumane environments with terrible living conditions. Sex slavery is the largest offender of slavery, where 46 percent of slaves in the world are sex slaves. A prominent area where sex slavery sticks out is Eastern Europe. Moldova, Europe's poorest country, is estimated to have 400,000 women sold into sex slavery business since 1986. This is a large proportion compared to the 4 million slaves exported globally in a span of 24 years during the peak of the transatlantic slave trade. The main cause of modern sex trafficking in Eastern Europe is poverty. Many poor families have very little means to support themselves and they are desperately looking for money. The women in these families are often lured into the sex trafficking business by traffickers offering them a job. These traffickers will then kidnap these women instead. .
             Most of these women are unable to free themselves from the beholders because they are threatened, beaten, and if they were exported to another place, they have no other place to go. As this type of slavery is for the pleasure and profit of traffickers, there is still slavery that occurs from the result of racial inequality. Some prisons are known as re-enslavement of the African American community. Compared to the transatlantic slave trade, there are more African Americans in prisons now.

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