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Conflicts in slavery period

            Conflicts Between Individual and Society In Slavery Period.
             Abraham Lincoln once said that "I have always thought that all men should be free; but if any should be slaves, it should be first those who desire it for themselves, and secondly those who desire it for others." American history, as we know it today, is made up of many different chapters. Some of these chapters are noble, and some are regretful. Some remind us of the good in people, and some remind us of the evil. One of the dark chapters of American history is the period of slavery. Slavery was like a cancer that spread through the United States around 1619, and ended about 1865. This era was filled with many horror stories, stories of human triumph and pride. At that time society didn't view slavery as a problem, but few great people saw it as a disgrace to human beings and went against it. From this group, few people stood out that were responsible for closing this dark chapter of history. They made a major impact, and tainted our way of life for the better. Seasons change, and time passes, one can not change the past, but only to learn from the struggles and conflicts of interests between the individuals and the society, for the hope of a better tomorrow.
             At about the same time of the American Revolution, abolitionists started appearing around America. They felt that majority of slaves were being treated inhumanely and tortured. They felt that their cause is a moral argument. Even though majority of people thought slavery was acceptable, some felt that slavery was a violation of Declaration of Independence, and others believed slavery was a sin that had to be corrected right away. Inconsiderate responses of the salve-owners, and the society, forced a few abolitionists to act out in extreme measures, but the majority used peaceful protest methods. Fanatics went to extremes of killing the opposition, while others peacefully handed out pamphlets and flyers in protest.

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