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The Scarecrow Marketing by Chipotle

            Chipotle has released an animated video via YouTube that has been causing controversy between the large process food producers. The Mexican Food chain restaurant hasn't spent any money to air on TV its latest controversy video, just YouTube. The video is introducing a smartphone game that has to do with the life of a scarecrow frustrated with its food factory job, decide to quit, and starts its own restaurant. The audience is very broad, is anyone who is on YouTube or has a smartphone. However, the audience can be narrowed to Chipotle consumers, people concern about the food industry, but specially to kids that want to play the game in their phone. So far, the video has been a tremendous hit on the web; right now it has 13,548,337 views on YouTube. There are not live actors, just cartoons. The length of the video is only three minutes, in which Chipotle's logo doesn't appear until the end. The short-film first and more obvious goal is to promote the new Chipotle game app, which is a continuity of the short-film. The video has created a lot of anger among the food processing industry, controversy between its audience, and emotional reactions towards the video for those who have seen it. "The Scarecrow" is a persuasive and effective method that Chipotle smartly created to attract new costumers, in an alternative and more modern way. In this essay I will be describe and analyzing in depth Chipotle short clip; I will also create an argument explaining my position towards the processing food industry. .
             The video starts with an animated scarecrow, wearing a red bib overall with a yellow patch on the lower part of the left leg, blue jean shirt, straw hat, and he is carrying a green toolbox, looking at the entrance of a big factory, which its entrance is designed with the picture of country landscape and a red farmhouse in the middle, a big bird machine head shape as the prominent symbol that stands for "crow foods"- incorporated, as the billboard describe.

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