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Adverse Outcomes of Alcohol and Marijuana

            This article is about the study of adverse psychosocial outcomes that are associated with alcohol and marijuana use among U.S. high school seniors. This study was conducted because there has been a debate about whether marijuana use is more dangerous than alcohol use. The findings of this study will contribute to that ongoing debate on the marijuana policy and its perceived harm when compared to alcohol. After reviewing this study, I believe it to be valid and I will tell you why.
             This study lasted 4 years and there were 7,437 high school seniors that participated. The students were chosen from approximately 130 public and private schools throughout the U.S. The schools were then selected through a multistage random sampling procedure. Geographic areas were selected, then schools within those geographic areas were selected, and then students within those schools were chosen. The students chosen for the study had reported life time use of alcohol or marijuana. Then they were asked to indicate whether they experienced various adverse psychological outcomes resulting from use of each substance. .
             Race and ethnicity was taken into consideration. This study had a diverse group consisting of males, females, Caucasians, African Americans, and Hispanics. The participants were given a questionnaire to fill out regarding their outcomes due to their use of alcohol, marijuana, or both. Some of the questions were about the frequency of use, the effects on their body, and others about how the use of the substances affected their relationships with family, friends, and supervisors. The data collected showed the results from just the alcohol users, marijuana users, and those that use both alcohol and marijuana. It also showed how the outcomes differ by sex and race. .
             The results of this study were highly detailed and specific. The data from this study showed that behaving in ways one regrets was significantly higher from alcohol use.

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