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Drug Use And Kids

            The developmental phase of adolescence is often a period of considerable stress and .
             The attraction of "mind- altering- substances are frequently tempting as an .
             escape from the painful and discordant processes of adolescence. Yet this attraction is .
             deceptive ; the habitual flight into drug induced euphoria inevitably culminates .
             in the failure to acquire the developmental tasks necessary for future psychological.
             health. Furthermore, the chronic and compulsive use of powerful mood altering .
             substances has a significant dulling effect upon cortical tone, thus impairing the .
             attainment of optimal cognitive function and impeding the path of developmental .
             growth(Baumrind and Moselle 1985). Developmental fixation and regression are among .
             the serious risks of chronic substance abuse in contemporary adolescence. The adverse .
             developmental consequences of substance abuse in adolescence include persistent .
             identity diffusion, lack of clarity about goals, creation of a false of autonomy, impaired .
             capacity or deferred gratification and a fixation of the negative identity characteristics of .
             early adolescence.
             As the extent and duration of substance abuse and dependence increases, the afflicted .
             adolescent will experience greater alienation and estrangement from the mainstream of .
             cultural life. Intensified degrees of loneliness and isolation, along with pronounced .
             feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, perpetuate the need for further drug-induced .
             refuge and escape. As the process intensifies and the individual fails to respond to efforts .
             aimed at internal control, self-esteem progressively deteriorates. The concurrent and .
             cumulative effects of impaired developmental maturation, deteriorating psychosocial .
             functioning, and declining self-esteem will place the adolescent at a greater risk for .
             dangerous and potentially lethal behavior, including explicit suicidal acts. Early .
             identification and treatment of these depressed adolescents who are at risk for the .

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