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Drug Use

             Drugs are chemicals that change the way our bodies work. Cigarettes and alcohol are drugs, which are legal. Other kinds of drugs are dangerous all the time. These are drugs that aren't given by doctors. Most of them are illegal and include substances like ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, and heroin.
             Why Are Drugs Bad for You?.
             Drugs kill your brain cells. Unlike your hair or fingernails, once a brain cell dies, it never grows back. .
             Drugs also interfere with your ability to think clearly. People can do really dumb or dangerous things that could hurt them when they use drugs. Keeping up with school becomes even harder for kids on drugs. Drugs can also prevent your body from growing properly and can make you look sick all the time.
             Some drugs make kids angry when they use them. These kids get into fights with their parents, teachers, and friends. And using drugs even one time may be all it takes to permanently damage your body. One hit of crack or cocaine can give you a heart attack and kill you. Sniff glue or some other inhalant just once and you could go blind.
             Kids who use drugs may become dependent on them, or addicted. They have become so used to a drug that their bodies need it to function. Once you have an addiction, it's very hard to stop taking drugs. Stopping drug use brings on withdrawal symptoms - vomiting, sweating, tremors, even hallucinations that continue until the body gets used to being without the drug. .
             How Can You Tell if Someone is Using Drugs?.
             Here are some of the more common warning signs of someone who is using drugs: .
             Stops showing interest in school .
             Suddenly changes friends (hangs out with kids who use drugs) .
             Becomes negative, cranky, or worried all the time .
             Doesn't want to go out anymore or play .
             Asks to be left alone a lot .
             Is always tired (maybe even sleeps in class) .
             Has many accidents .
             Becomes involved in a lot of fights .
             Changes moods a lot .
             Has sudden changes in appearance (red or puffy eyes, weight changes, lots of headaches or stomach-aches, shaking, coughing that won't quit, brown stains on fingertips, stumbling, or a constant runny nose) .

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