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             The use of illegal drugs or the abuse of medicine or over-the-counter drugs for purposes other than those for which they are indicated or in a way or in quantities other than intended for. This can lead to addictions and cause lots of harm to people. Some drugs have short-term effects and others have long-term effects, which can affect you later on in life. Different drugs can do different things and have different affects on people. Some people do such things, as marijuana for medicinal purposes but it becomes abuse when people start doing things such as this for pleasure. .
             Intravenous Drug Abuse.
             Many drugs can be injected. These drugs cause severe problems and put people in a mental retardate state. Needles the people use to inject the drugs can be lethal if not sterilized they can transfer HIV from one person to another.
             Marijuana is a popular drug that most teens choose to do when they are experimenting with their lives. There is a 1:3 ration that people have done weed once in their life. The primary effects of marijuana are behavioral because it affects the central nervous system. Popular use of marijuana has showed that people have a sense of relaxation, auditory, and taste perceptions that may occur with low to moderate doses of the drug. Most users also report an increase in their appetite also known as the munchies.
             Drugs and how it affects society.
             Drugs affect society in a big way. They cause many deaths and many freak accidents. It also cost a lot of money to run rehab centers and make sure there is enough law enforcement to control the amount of drug activity that is going on. .

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