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The Importance of Reiki and Faith

             The system of Reiki healing is ancient and simple, reflecting the divine nature that connects all life. This ability can be learned through training, or may be an innate gift. This form of healing technique can be done both in person through laying on of hands, or through Distance Healing. Much less understood or widely practiced than on-site healing, Distance Healing engages psychic centers in the being. Distance Healing in the Reiki practice is assisted through the visualization of powerful, alchemical symbols that have been handed down from master healers through the ages. A key component of Reiki is Distance Healing. The historical roots of this practice, and how it is affected by faith and reinforced through science is the focus of this paper. .
             History of Reiki .
             Traditionally, Reiki is believed to have originated with the healing methods of Jesus Christ and the Buddha. These prophets shocked the world with the simplicity of their message, and the power of their presence. The story of how Reiki has emerged in the modern age begins the middle of the 1800's. Mikao Usui, working at the Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, was asked by his students how Jesus performed his miraculous healings. Usui was believed to be a practicing Christian minister as well as the principle of the school. Upon being asked this great question, Usui began a decade-long quest to discover the answer. He began by inquiring of the authorities of the day, who informed Usui that the origin of Christ's amazing healings are not known, and indeed, not even talked about. Usui then investigated the roots of Christ's healing power through the philosophy of Buddhism. The Buddhist monks of his time informed him much the same as the authorities; the healing had been lost. The monks informed Usui that the route to uncovering the lost jewels of healing could only be found on the path of the Dharma, the Buddhist teachings, which illumine the path to Enlightenment (Stein 9).

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