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Red light green light- naration

            One night when I was fifteen, some friends and I were playing a game called red light green light. Red light green light was a game we liked to play at night. The way to play the game is to find a place to hide right near a road. One person is the caller, and everyone, including the caller, are runners. Everyone waits for a car to come, and as it gets closer the caller calls it. The caller continuously says "red light," until the car is real close. Then at the last second he or she yells green light and everyone bolts across the road in front of the car. The point is to run across the road fast enough so the car slams on the brakes, but also out in front of the car so one gets run over. .
             This night Randall, Brad, Tim, and I of course, were playing. We were in our usual spot, not too far from our houses, but close enough we could get to them in a hurry. The night was real slow; not very many cars were out. I was wandering around the small patch of pines we used for cover, when I found an old broomstick. I picked it up, just because I was bored. I kind of liked wielding the broomstick, and decided to keep it.
             A few more cars came by and we played our little game, but nothing too special. We were wandering around, since there were no cars coming. I was down in the ditch, Randall was at the top of the ditch by the pine trees, and Brad and Tim were walking around in the pine trees. None of us were paying much attention to anything.
             Out of nowhere, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked, and it was a dark figure sprinting at us from across the road. The figure wasn't big, it looked to be under about 5"8", but that didn't matter. All I heard was footsteps, and could see someone running at me. I turned around and hightailed it in the other direction. My accomplices quickly noticed the shadow-person barreling toward us, and they ran.
             I was into the pines and out the other side into a field in a matter of seconds.

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