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Solar radiation spectrum and colar of light

             Light is the energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation.
             Ultra Violet-helps the body healthy excessive UV damage the skin and eyes. A region of the electromagnetic spectrum that is of higher energy and shorter wavelength than visible light. Typical wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation range from 375 nm to 12.5 nm (12.5 x 10-9 m).
             Visble Light-can be detected by the human sense of site.
             Infrared-it can be felt as heat radiation solar. Infrared describes the part of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths between 700nm and 1mm. Infrared light has many technology and physics applications. A region of the electromagnetic spectrum that is of lower energy and longer wavelength than visible light.
             Light and Electromagnetic Radiation.
             Light is an integral part of our lives. Without it plants would not grow and we could not survive. Light is one of our only connections to the outside world. The sense of sight is usually the most heavily relied upon of all our senses. However, light (or more generally, electromagnetic radiation) is not confined to the visible part of the spectrum: In descending order of energy, the electromagnetic spectrum consists of: Gamma Rays X-rays Ultraviolet Violet (begining of visible spectrum) Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Red (end of visible spectrum) Infrared Far Infrared Microwave Radiowave Although it dominates this list, the visible spectrum only covers a range of wavelengths from about 400nm (violet) to 700nm (red) in a spectrum that stretches from vanishingly short wavelengths (the very high energy gamma rays) to wavlengths of kilometers or more (radiowaves).
             Electromagnetic radiation .
             The source of heat energy for the earth and atmosphere is ultimately electromagnetic radiation from the Sun. Electromagnetic radiation can be thought of as consisting of waves, with a given wavelength For the radiation of interest to us, wavelengths are usually measured in microns .

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