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Business Ethics and Human Genetics

             Throughout history, man has prided itself on the ability to explore our world and to find new and interesting perspectives on life. Biology and science are fields of study that are continuously finding innovative advances on making the human body healthy and curable in every way conceivable. One fairly new concept that is very debatable is the ability for scientists to manipulate human genetics into forming a duplicate cell; this procedure is also known as cloning. The capability to execute this procedure is dividing public opinions about whether or not it is morally ethical for businesses and people to make a natural form of nature another manufactured product on the market. Some people feel very strongly that scientists are now trying to play God and trying to manipulate the human body into doing something on demand that would normally be done on its own. The capability to clone a baby, or to grow a dedifferentiated cell just to the embryonic cell stage and then use it for certain parts does not ask if it can be done, but if it should be done.
             My general perspective on this complicated subject is that if the well-being of a person is in physical danger, then drastic steps should be taken to make sure that that person is out of harm's way. Gerald F. Cavanagh's rule of rights should be enacted in this situation. This rule implies that "the individual has the right not to have his or her life or safety unknowingly and unnecessarily endangered" and "the individual has a right not to be intentionally deceived by another, especially on matters about which the individual has the right to know" (Cavanagh pp. 401). These are rules that all businesses should take into consideration being that the public often trusts those who seem to have further knowledge about matters like this then they do. When their rights are threatened or they are misinformed, they have the right to be compensated for the cost of their injuries and that is where these authoritarians will draw the line and try to downplay such a complicated situation (Cavanagh pp.

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