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Human Cloning

             CHAPTER I - Statement of the Problem 4.
             CHAPTER II - Review of Related Literature 6.
             CHAPTER IV - Presentation and Interpretation of Data 12.
             Table I - Do the Respondents Heard About Human Cloning 12.
             Table II - The Respondents Perception of Human Cloning 13.
             Table III - Respondents Reaction on Human Cloning 13 .
             Table IV - Do You Think Human Should Be Cloned 14.
             CHAPTER V - Summary, Conclusion & Recommendation 15.
             Bibliography 16.
             CHAPTER I.
             Undoubtedly we could consider genetics as one of the most exciting fields of biological science. This is the study of the mechanisms of heredity by which traits or characteristics are raised from generation. Not only has modern genetics had a compact history, being essentially a product of the twentieth century, but it has made almost explosive progress from the rediscovery in 1900 of Mendel's basic observations of the 1860s to a fairly full comprehension of underlying principles at the molecular level. As our knowledge of these operating mechanisms developed it become apparent that they are remarkably similar in their fundamental behavior for all kinds of organisms, whether men or mouse, bacterium or corn. But geneticists guest for truth and understanding is far from completed as in other sciences, the answer to one question raises new ones and opens a whole new overuse of inquiry. (G. Burns: 1972). One of the most interesting development in genetics is unfold through genetic engineering and this is called cloning.
             Cloning is already in progress and it is now not only done in plants and animals, but even in humans. Scientists, Robert Stillman and Jerry Hall from George Washington University cloned human embryos in late 1993.
             Working in George Washington's in-vitro fertilization clinic they selected embryos that were abnormal because they came from dogs: that had been fertilized by more than one sperm: these Clawed embryos were destined for an early death whether or not they were implanted.

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