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Human Cloning

            In today's society, many people are concerned with the topic of human cloning. For years, scientists have been determined to obtain the opportunity to clone humans. A debatable issue concerning human cloning was first recognized in Scotland at the Roslin Institute by Ian Wilmut. Wilmut used a lamb to accomplish the first attempt to reproduce a clone from an adult animal, which he called Dolly. The experiment with Dolly led to many concerns towards human cloning. Human cloning can cause various complications; therefore, cloning should be developed thoroughly so that ethical problems will not occur. Despite the possibilities involved in cloning human beings, cloning is proven to be inefficient, violates religious ethics, and intrudes upon human dignity.
             Through advancement in research, cloning is verified to be ineffective for the reason that cloning can cause more problems in its inefficient development. Over the last years, cloning experiments have not always proven to be efficient. In the cloning procedure of Dolly, it was the 300th attempt before a healthy lamb was produced. During this time period, many of the attempts did not fuse, or deformities were present. Scientist Wilmut states that "[t]he success rate is so low that you would do better to breed naturally. [One] would get far more offspring" (Wilmut 69) What will happen to human clones that are not generated correctly? According to John F. Kilner, director of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity, "[h]uman cloning research would be unethical because it would inevitably cause the death of human embryos" (Kilner 13). Thus, these clones will be destroyed, and the cloning process will continue until the perfect clone is made. Human cloning may also lead to perfecting the human race or developing a "superior" group, which was attempted by Adolf Hitler. By performing the process of cloning, scientists take the risk of having complications and causing physical and psychological effects in the cloned being.

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