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Human Cloning

            Human Cloning Causes More Good Than Harm.
             The idea of human cloning has been in science fiction movies for decades. With the rising technology and the devotion of scientist the possibility of human cloning is very high. There are predictions that say the first human baby will be cloned no later than the year 2005. ("Bonsor"). With time closing in, there are many people wondering the effects on cloning. There is a huge concern on the amount of risks there are involved in human cloning. Most people have not investigated into the science of cloning. The Cloning of humans will cause more good than harm.
             Scottish scientist created a cloned sheep named Dolly in 1997 ("Bonsor"). Dolly opened the door of opportunities for scientist across the world. Although it took 275 attempts until success leaving a 20% success rate of cloning ("Wachbroit") it did not hold back scientist from continuing the task of successful cloning. The process of human cloning is very difficult. It involves inserting DNA into an unfertilized sheep egg to produce a lamb with identical DNA ("Wachbroit").
             Many ethical, religious and legal issues have arisen from the possibility of human cloning ("Genetic Encores"). In many countries there have been laws placed to make it illegal for scientist to try to clone humans. The United States has not passed any federal laws on human cloning, but several states have passed on their own laws to ban the practice. Although the U.s. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that anyone in the United States who is planning in participating in the practice of human cloning must first be granted permission. Japan feels that human cloning is a crime and is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. While on the other hand England has allowed the cloning of human embryos, but is working on passing a law to stop human cloning as a hole ("Bonosor").
             Although there has not been a human clone produced there have been request from numerous people who would like to receive a human clone.

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