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The Casey Anthony Trial

            Americans were fascinated with the murder trial of Casey Anthony. She was accused in the murder of her own daughter, Caylee. The jury disagreed with most Americans. Casey Anthony was charged with the murder of her daughter and found not guilty; however, she is guilty. June 16, 2008 was the day a criminal case that everyone all over the world would watch. Caylee Anthony, two years old, was reported missing by her grandmother. Caylee had been missing for a whole month before her mother told her parents about the disappearance and didn't know where her little girl could be but that she was with a babysitter that Casey could not get in touch with. Caylee's remains were eventually found in a wooded area in December near the family's home wrapped in a blanket inside a trash bag. It seemed that half of America thought Casey was just a selfish party girl who killed her daughter to be free of any responsibilities while the other half of America wanted to believe that Casey truly loved Caylee and that what Casey was telling us was true; but sadly it just did not add up. (Steve 54) To the majority of America, it seemed pretty clear that Casey was guilty. The jurors said it themselves "I wish we had more evidence to put her away, I truly do." There was a good amount of evidence against Casey, but it was not the hard hitting evidence to put her away for good.
             The theory is that Casey chloroformed Caylee one too many times so that she could have a wild night out. Recent computer searches on Casey's computer such as "neck breaking" and "chloroform" seemed very incriminating. The trunk of Casey's car also showed chemical compounds "consistent with a decomposition event," and a strong smell to go with it. Strands of Caylee's hair were also recovered from the trunk. Casey also was not so truthful with the police either. Casey had told the police that she had a job as an event planner at Universal Studios.

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