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The Life and Works of Beethoven

            The deaf composer is incapable of hearing his own brilliance. How can someone commit their life to a creation they will never be able to experience themselves? Ludwig van Beethoven composed nine tremendous symphonies and reached a level of fame unimaginable by an average man. However, at his death could not hear a single chord. His disabilities infuriated him. Yet, continued to compose through his bad hearing.1 Ludwig van Beethoven lived through tremendous hardship, and at his peak, composed some of the greatest music ever created. Ludwig van Beethoven was born on December 16th, 1770 in Bonn, Germany and lived a life of musical brilliance until his death on March 26th, 1827.2 Beethoven has composed music that has been performed on stages he himself never even fathomed. Beethoven left a gargantuan footprint on music that millions of artists have attempted to fill. Ludwig van Beethoven was an important historical figure because he innovated music during his time and had a heavy influence on the musical world after his death.
             The piano is perhaps the most common music in all of music. Its versatility and ease-of- use makes it the ideal instrument for composition and performance. However, before Beethoven's time, the piano was considered a means of intimate performance. Beethoven holds a significant place in the development of this monumental instrument. Piano was formerly used solely for chamber music. The piano was a large instrument that was made for filling small rooms with a gentle sound. In Beethoven's mind, the piano should be used for bold expression of thought. Beethoven took the piano from the chamber to the stage.3 Beethoven displayed his incredible piano skills, as well as the pianos potential for performance when he wooed the aristocracy of Vienna with a dazzling performance.4 From the depths of a small chamber, to the glory of a stage, Beethoven helped bring the piano to where it is today.

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