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            Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany on December 16th 1770. He became the second child to his parents Johann and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven. From the time Beethoven was born, his father began planning on how he could turn his son into a profitable investment. Johann knew many musicians in Bonn at the time and began to inquire how he could begin training young Beethoven. Unlike some children who were brought into the world of music at that time period, Beethoven music lessons were not fun and games. "He was put through rigorous lessons with private tutors, sometimes resulting in physical abuse (Solomon 488-490)." Beethoven's first teacher was Christian Cottlob Neefe, who was a court organist. Through his teachings Beethoven produced three piano sonatas by the young age of eleven. The following year, Beethoven was placed into the court organist position. Even though he was a small child he amazed audiences with his wonderful talents when it came to the piano. Not only by playing the piano but by composing as well. In 1787 Beethoven went on a small tour to gain exposure with a brief stop in Vienna where he gained the most exposure for his work. His trip though, was cut short by the news of his mother becoming ill. He ended his tour and made his way back to Bonn to be with her till she died. Beethoven wrote soon after her death in her memory, " Ah, who was happier that I when I could still utter the sweet name of "mother", and it was still heard (Kinderman 340)" With his mothers" death, Beethoven had to take over for supporting his family, this task caused him to mature very rapidly. In the next couple of years, Beethoven would continue to travel and through his music he made many friends. In 1792, Haydn came through Bonn, Germany and heard Beethoven play and made an offer to teach him if he would come to Vienna. Even though the French Revolution was going on during this time, Haydn kept his word to Beethoven and gave him lessons.

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