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Ludwig Van Beethoven

             Ludwig Van Beethoven was perhaps one of the best music composers ever. His music has lived own for over one hundred fifty years. His music will live own uplifting the mines and souls of people to come. Beethoven is impressive in that he has overcome so many obstacles. He has over come his obstacles as a child, and a deaf composer. His music and life story will help you over come your obstacles.
             Ludwig Van Beethoven, a man of great talent, born in Bonn Germany December 1770. Beethoven's childhood was very chaotic. His father was an alcoholic and a music enthustianist. His father dreamed of molding his son into the next Mozart. Beethoven was unusually talented, learning the piano, organ, and violin at an early age. Beethoven came from a family of musicians. His father and grandfather both worked for the Electors of Cologne in Germany. His father was his first teacher. At the age of fourteen he was proficient enough on the organ to receive a professional appointment. Beethoven's next teacher was in 1779, the composer and organist, Christian Gottlob Neffe. In addition to piano and organ he taught him to compose and helped him publish his first work. At the age of seventeen his employer granted him the Elector to go to Vienna to study with Mozart. Beethoven only stayed fourteen days in Vienna, due to his mother's sickness. His mother, Maria Magdalena Leyn, died suddenly in July 1787 throwing his domestic situation into great decline. His father retired and began drinking heavenly leaving Beethoven to care for his younger brothers. Beethoven obtained an order from the Elector that half the paternal salary was left to him and the maintenance of his brothers.
             In December 1790 Beethoven was introduced to Hayden when Hayden stopped in Bonn on his first journey to London. It was Hayden that compelled him to leave his home and travel to Vienna to study composition in 1790. Beethoven was committed to the principals of classicism.

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