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             Beethoven was born on Bonn, Germany were he resided with his kind gentle mother and raging alcoholic father. From an early age Beethoven showed great skill as a musician. His father was also a musician which had some part in Beethoven's ability to play but his fathers drinking habit and rages drove a spike between their relationship. Beethoven's father was ever so consistent on making his some practice day in and day out. The weird thing is is that despite how harsh his father was with him, Beethoven still kept his love for his talent. I remember when I was a child and played baseball. My father was my coach every year I played. He made me put in late hours hitting in the cages and pitching day after day. I was one of the best players but at the age of about 14 after playing ball for 7 years I had to finally quite because I couldn't handle him any more. Beethoven must of really loved music from a young age.
             Beethoven then left the house to practice with musicians like Mozart and others to shortly be called back to raise his younger siblings. It wasn't till the age of twenty five that Beethoven finally escaped his father once again for good. Beethoven took off to what was probably the music capital of the world, Vienna. Beethoven entered the music world as a pianist but soon came to compose many symphonies and sonatas. At around the age of thirty years old Beethoven started to notice a weird buzzing in his ears. As time progressed it got worse and worse until he had to use the assistance of an ear funnel to hear, and eventually went deaf. For Beethoven other then his father, this was the hardest thing for him to overcome but he eventually did. Beethoven didn't miss a beat in his music writing and despite his deafness produced many more symphonies and quartets. Some of which are his most complex and best pieces. After later research of a strand of booth ovens hair in the twentieth century it was said Beethoven went deaf because his wine goblet was made of lead.

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