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             Beethoven started his life in Bonn, Germany. His family passed on the gift of music to him. As a child, Beethoven started to play music and was taught by Christian Neefe. Beethoven started his musical career by obtaining money from private lessons and small musical performances here and there. Beethoven had studied with Mozart in Vienna, but his mother was very ill so he had to come back home to care for her. Not only was his mother sick, but his father had been drinking for a while. That meant that Beethoven had to fend for himself while arranging his musical education. Since boyhood, Beethoven had to look out for his family and for himself.
             Beethoven wrote a lot of music but compared to other great composers, he wrote very little. Towards the middle of his musical career, he became furious and fell into terrible moods. He started hearing ringing in his years and realized that he was going deaf. Beethoven knew this but surprisingly did not tell any one. Beethoven did not tell any one about his hearing loss until a couple of years after his discovery. .
             Beethoven started to drink and became more and more furious about his loss of hearing. Unbeknownst to him, the drinking was the actual reason he died. Oddly enough, these were the years that he wrote and performed his finest music. After sporadic periods of hearing, he became permanently deaf. This lead to the end of his career as a pianist and resulted in a life as a composer. Composing was more popular than performing at that time. His perseverance was fueled by stubbornes. Beethoven looked at this as an obstacle to overcome. He managed to break through and continue with his life. .
             Beethoven had been recommended to attend Heiligenstadt in order to cure his deafness or at least to bring his life at rest. He loved nature and the countryside and was brought into that life when he went to the small village outside of Vienna. After a while, he started to realize that he was not making progress with his hearing so he then returned to his stressful and moody lifestyle.

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