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Ominous Era in Afghanistan

            There are great differences since era that Taliban was governing the country till now. If someone asks me what your best memory of Taliban era is, I may say that I don't have any good memory. In Taliban era Afghanistan situation was in crisis. Although you were a human being, you didn't have your liberty. After Taliban was invaded, Afghanistan has developed in many ways such as: improvement in technology, improvement in economic, and improvement in education.
             One of the most obvious changes after Taliban era in Afghanistan is improvement in technology. If we talk about technology in Taliban era, there wasn't any technology. Although you had a radio, you couldn't hear any kind of music; always you should listen to the news, for it was banned by Taliban. Their broadcasts didn't last more than two or three hours in a day. Next if you wanted to become aware of your relatives whom were in foreign countries, you could just send them a letter. Sending letter wasn't easy, for you should have found someone who went to that country to take your letter there; maybe after a month you could be aware of your relatives. Some may think that were there any other technologies such as telephone, TV, or others, I will say no, there weren't such technologies. Unlike that era, these days technology has promoted very well in our country. The first improvement is cell phone; by cell phone you can almost communicate anywhere in the world within a second. The next improvement is TV; by TV you can be aware of any event in the world. And the last Improvement is computer; by computer you can store, organize and find information, do calculations, and control other machines. Finally, if you pay attention to the technology improvement, you will soon find lots of differences.
             The next change that we can indicate after the invasion of Taliban era in Afghanistan is improvement in economy. Everything in a country is related to economy.

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